The EVP Analyzer

The EVP Analzyer allows users to not only record, but see the audio via "spectrogram" which is a visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies in a sound as they vary with time and volume.

EVPs are captured in high definition wave format using a multi band precision equalizer, and modifiable through pitch, tempo, rate, volume and then mastered in to high quality MP3 files that are available for immediate playback and analysis via an integrated MP3 player.

The MP3 player allows for reverse play, and all the aforementioned modification features. Also included are the echo feature that enhances the recorded and playback audio, and a Provoke feature that automates Spirit Questioning by the EVP Analyzer for you.

"On two seperate live Skype EVP sessions with PZTV host Norene Balovich we captured unexplainable demonic spectrograms and anamolous audio." - Anthony F. Sanchez (Developer)


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