The Gaia Divination Suite

Gaia is a set of tools to help those individuals with abilities such as psychics, mediums, sensitives, paranormal investigators, demonoligists, seers or anyone who is interested in the art of Divination.

Communicating with the universe, aether or quintessence is now made in this incredible platform with the ease of use by just swiping a finger (for touch screens) or a click of a mouse. You are on full control of your path to the divine.

Major Aracana (tarot), both 3 & 5 card spreads to interpret the Past, Present and Future; in addition to the Unexpected and one's Desires. This beautiful tarot deck is your personal tool to look into the deepest areas of the universe.

The Oracle or Fortune Teller is now yours in an incredible setting that allows you to communicate with the surrounding aether truly reaching quintessence and delving into the most important of questions. You ask, the oracle answers.

The Spirit Box is a tool used in ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) employed as a means to talk with or reach the other side. Reaching Spirits, Ghosts, Demons, Angels or any entities that reside in the aether or quintessence. This new spirit communications device comes from the master makers of ITC tools, GHOSTHUNTERAPPS™.


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