The HallowVox

The HallowVox is the latest in GHOSTHUNTERAPPS line of advanced Spirit Boxes. Just like with the HUFF SCD2, the HallowVox incorporates the Parasonic RR DR60 IC Recorder that is the jewel of so many paranormal investigators worldwide. Without a doubt, the HallowVox is an advanced spirit box design that takes ITC to the next level.

Not only is it an all new design, every sound aspect of the HallowVox is refactored to 432Hz audio, aka the Schumann resonance. The HallowVox has three channels, a resonance generator and uses readings from metrics to push the technological edge for paranormal purposes.

"This is my cleanest spirit box design whereby I optimized all features and incorporated the best elements. Already I am getting direct responses with the clarity I expect." - Anthony F. Sanchez (Developer)


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