PRT Broadcaster Lite

Finally here, PRT Broadcaster is the ideal tool for letting Paranormal Teams LIVE STREAM their investigations.

PRT Broadcaster LITE is not only a breakthrough in High Definition Audio recording and streaming, it is the only tool of its kind for Paranormal Teams.

PRT Broadcaster lets you CAPTURE/SHARE EVPs with Pro Audio quality while allowing your Fans/Supporters/Followers to participate when you do LIVE INVESTIGATIONS.

"The whole idea behind PRT Broadcaster is far greater than podcasting. For the Paranormal Team this is the ultimate SOLUTION to let up to 5000 people participate on LIVE INVESTIGATIONS." - Anthony F. Sanchez (Developer)


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PRT Broadcaster LITE 2017

(Broadcast Encoder)

"Keeping it sweet and simple..."

For so many of us who have Internet Radio shows one big requirement is the ability to simply turn on the laptop and hook up our mic and begin to interview right away whether it's LIVE or for a PRE-RECORDED show. With PRT Broadcaster Lite doing this has never been easier.

PRT LITE is ideal for the broadcast professional who wants to Stream Live + Record.

Consisting of just the main 2 Channel Mixer and primary SHOUTcast™ Encoder, PRT Broadcaster Lite ensures you are ready to go in any situation with a professional setup that you can count on.


Active 2 Channel Mixer (Microphone & Loopback Audio), SHOUTcast Live Stream Encoder, LIVE STREAM Relay/Simulcast Panel, WAV/MP3 Capture (Recording) Function, Segment Timer Console, On Air Status Panel, Multi Function LED Displays, Master Volume Control



(Broadcast Encoder)



2 Channel Production Mixer

(Production Management)

"Broadcasting is Easy..."

Shown here is the 'Production Mixer' of PRT Broadcaster. It contains the two Audio Out/In mixer levels that puts you in complete control of your recording or broadcasting session. And the main mixer unleashes all the awesome tools that each PRT Broadcaster 'flavor' has to offer.

So while the 'Production Mixer' is the core of all three PRT Brodcaster flavors, the Encoder (also shown here) is the heart of BROADCASTING. From the Encoder you can setup and monitor each SHOUTcast™ channel. In addition, both the LIVE and STUDIO editions can relay or simulcast to thousands of additional listeners. The only thing holding your numbers back is the level of hosting you get for SHOUTcast™.

2 Channel Production Mixer



SHOUTcast™ "LIVE STREAM" Encoder

(Stream Management)

"Live Streaming is Easier..."

In addition to internet radio broadcasting, you can now LIVE STREAM from anywhere using the same app. No need to buy anything else. Our default stream and relay/simulcast screens show you all the stats on each channel during both Broadcasting and Live Streaming.

Just plug in your own mic or external mixer and the world is now listening to your event.

SHOUTcast™ "LIVE STREAM" Encoder



Manual (Interview/Segment) Timer

(Time Management)

"Keep control of your production..."

Our manual timer allows you to keep precision time for interviews, commercials, voice over segments or any type of planned/live recording. Ideally this tool is made for the interviewer. Whether it is a 15-minute interview segment or a whole hour, this tool can help you plan breaks for commercials PSA's or any break during your session.

Manual (Interview/Segment) Timer



Master Volume

(Sound Management)

The system volume control is unique in that it does not affect the outbound SHOUTcast Stream. In addition, this control works at the OS level to control the volume of the System.

Master Volume