Parascape RED-1


The RED-1 is the first of a new line of Ghost Box/Spirit Box designs that utilize the Parascape Series GBE™ (Ghost Box Engine). This is something all new from Ghosthunterapps which is detailed (below) on this page.

RED-1 gives the paranormal and ITC (instrumental trans-communication) researcher the POWER of four optimized SHOUTcast Internet Radio scanners. Four dedicated channels operating separate engines backed by the new Q3 Mark II™ engine, an integral part of the Parascape Series GBE™.

Equipped with both INTERNATIONAL scanning mode and ENGLISH LANGUAGE scanning mode, the RED-1 is ready to deliver a steady stream of VOX interaction. the VOX output is enhanced by new Pitch, Echo and Reverb algorithms to enhance your paranormal experience.

"RED-1 is light years ahead of Anthony's other designs. I am so excited to had been selected for testing the new apps." - Ric Prestel
(MUFON / Sacramento)

"I am grateful to all of you who waited so long for me to finish developing this 'all new' Ghost Box Engine, Parascape." - Anthony F. Sanchez
(Developer / Ghosthunterapps)

Introducing the Parascape Series from Ghosthunterapps™

Even after 4 years, Ghosthunterapps is still finding useful capabilities to add to new ITC (instrumental trans-communication) software for the paranormal field.

It's been a long time since the last Ghosthunterapps™ 'GBE' (Ghost Box Engine) revision, and it can be hard to imagine what new capabilities Ghosthunterapps could possibly deliver after a nearly 5-year-old algorithm set. But the Parascape Series does indeed DELIVER and in fact it has a lot of new capabilities to offer.

  • 100% Complete Re-Write of entire GHA code model
  • All new UI (User Interface) designs to meet user quality demands
  • Backwards Audio Listener Function, Audio Jump Scanning
  • Delivery of new re-invented GBE, the Parascape Series GBE™
  • Elimination of legacy GBE (Ghost Box Engine) code remnants
  • Enhanced Coded Scan/Detection models
  • Enhanced Internet Radio Detection models
  • Enhanced UHF Radio scans using IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth standard
  • Improved EVP Mini Player with file management
  • Multiple Enhanced and New Optimized Custom Control designs
  • New Optimized EVP Recorder and Breakout Mini Player UI Design
  • New Optimized set of SHOUTcast Streaming Media libraries
  • Optimized 432Hz Resonance Audio "Entity Attraction" Streams
  • Optimized anomaly identifiers of the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz
  • Optimized Pitch, Rate, Tempo, Echo, Reverb, Reverse effects

Steve tests the RED-1, GB-2 and the SCD2 all in this one video!

And check out the new WONDER BOX builds, wow!!

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