The Huff Paranormal SCD2

This app takes inspiration from the Wonderbox, Steve's hardware masterpiece. It incorporates two vintage pedals along with the famous Panasonic RR DR60 IC Recorder that is the jewel of so many paranormal investigators worldwide.

The SCD2 is a talker, this baby communicates and does what it was designed to do which is to allow for one on one direct communication to the other side. With both pitch and reverb effects plus a recorder embedded with advanced features, this app allows YOU to control the session.

Finally, we are getting closer to that one-on-one connection experience. Never have I used an app this effective. The SCD-2 has been in the making for a while with myself and Anthony Sanchez. All I have learned over the last seven years has been poured into this app. Developed for pure spirit communication. It's the app I envisioned two years ago and now it is here. This will change the game. My mind is blown. (Apr 28, 2017) (★★★★★) Steve Huff / Huff Paranormal


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