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 Welcome to the GhostHunterApps family.

‘Trusted – Undeniable – Validated’, these are the sentiments of ITC and Paranormal app users worldwide when conjuring their experiences with GHOSTHUNTERAPPS™ software.

Since 2014 GHOSTHUNTERAPPS™ has created Internet Radio Scanners and Audio Bank ‘paranormal apps’ (spirit boxes) with a wide array of delivery methods using math and science to establish contact with the other side.

Always remember that no ‘physical spirit box’ or ‘ITC app’ can deliver results unless you (the user) possess a true connection, or a spirit is eager to talk. The incredible nature of the ‘Spirit World Experience’ is like a puzzle. The solution is dormant within us. We simply need to awaken to solve it.

"Love, Light & Blessings on your journey."

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 About the apps!

The new suite of Android apps represents the wider world of those who care about the paranormal and ITC work that truly spans the globe. For the first time ever, I wrote apps that not only cater to much large international audiences, but which will also prove to be heavily effective for ALL USERS, and in any language, in most cases.

Remember that not everyone can make a connection, especially if the apps are not used correctly. I recommend that a quick study of how to perform an ITC session be on your 'priority list' of to-do items. Because asking the right questions, and putting out the proper intention are critical to the success in your journey.

So, whether you are Ghost Hunting or trying to contact a loved one, ITC tools are utilities to accomplish what many consider to be simply unreal. But faith and belief in what you are doing is always the key when making contact. Be true to yourself and use the tools as a guide.

-Anthony (@GhostHunterApps)

The Apps:

    • Angelic
    • Celestial
    • Demonivox
    • Kali
    • Santa Muerte
    • RIFT 2
    • SCD3
    • Unnatural
    • Voices

 How do the apps work?

All the ITC apps were designed to perform spirit communication and EVP research by harnessing ethereal power through the use of sophisticated algorithms and compelling audio and texts to help spirits communicate.

The apps apply a multi-lingual approach using phonemes, words, and even reversed speech, all of which are converted and tuned to 432Hz audio, sometimes called (The Miracle Frequency) or Schumann resonances. These are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum.

In the case of the SCD3, it applies an international approach using stations from Europe/Asia/Africa/The Americas/Middle & Near East as well as many English language stations, to offer compelling and effective 'spirit talk' via the tried and proven ITC technique of radio scanning.

 How to use the apps...

For many of you who have used my apps since 2014, you know that the basic premise of a Ghost Box is to start it up.

Nothing has changed over the years except for advancements in many key areas such as DSP (digital signal processing), Audio conditioning to 432Hz (Schumann resonances), etc. However, each app comes with a POWER BUTTON.

The Start or Power button is where it all begins. But additional features such as DSP effects like Reverb, Echo, Pitch, Phasing, Distortion, Reverse, Recording, etc. may be present, depending on the app you are using.


• Start the software.
• Ask questions (communicate with your intended target).
• Listen for replies in real-time.
• Optionally, try recording your sessions for later EVP review.
• Optionally, use an advanced Bluetooth™ speaker during live sessions so that you can hear 'clearly' the responses coming in.

Just what is ITC or an EVP?

• Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) is the method of communication with spirits through electronic devices.
• Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is sound found on electronic recordings from ITC devices that are interpreted as spirit voices.

 FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q: Will this app run on my Smartphone as well as my Tablet?
A: Yes.

Q: What version of Android does my device need to run the apps?
A: Android 9 ("Pie") is the minimum supported OS. It's older, so you should be good to go!

Q: Will this app contact spirits, and should I be worried?
A: Any ITC app can be effective in contating the spirit world, but it all depends on how you wish to proceed towards contacting the other side.

Q: Will this app work in my language?
A: Yes. All the ITC apps will have audio banks, phonemes or radio stations from around the world.

Q: Do you use White Noise?
A: NO. Throughout my journey as a developer I have opted to use SOFT BROWN NOISE at very low volume levels, tuned to the 'Miracle Frequency' of 432Hz also called Schumann resonances. This method has proven HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL around the world.

Q: Can I use these apps with a Portal made by Steve Huff?
A: Yes. Absolutely, I personally beleive in the effectiveness of Portals, Wonder Boxes, bluetooth speakers, external DSP utilities to augment spirit communication.

Q: Where can I buy these apps?
A: The Google Play App Store.

What are people saying?

These apps are what I have been waiting for. My Portal is almost too unreal. Thank you Anthony! Abby 'Tita' Rodriguez (Phoenix, AZ)
Holy Hell dude... The Demonivox and Angelic apps together have made my recent ghost hunting outings very interesting. Wow... Ric Prestel (Sacramento, CA)

Designed for all Android Smartphones and Tablets

The apps are designed from the ground up for all Android devices. Pictured here are three tablets running the Santa Muerte Ghost Box.

From left to right:

• (AMAZON, Fire 7, 7 inches)
• (VANKYO, MatrixPad S8 Black, 8 inches)
• (SAMSUNG, Galaxy Tab A (10.1 T510), 10 inches)

The minimum OS required:

    • Android 9.0 (API Level 28 - Pie)