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A Journey Through ITC and the Afterlife Debate

Tue, 02 Apr 2024 20:47:00 +0000

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & Researcher
For Ghost Hunter Apps

"A Journey Through ITC and the Afterlife Debate" explores the enduring human fascination with the afterlife, highlighting diverse beliefs ranging from the Catholic Church's view on communion with God post-death to skeptics and atheists who deny any form of existence beyond physical death. The article delves into Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) as a method for some to explore and communicate with a spiritual plane, offering a counterpoint to the skepticism surrounding afterlife concepts. It discusses how advancements in ITC technology, pioneered by figures like Frank Sumption and Friedrich Jürgensen, have opened new avenues for understanding and interacting with the spiritual realm. The author shares their personal engagement in developing tools like the SCD3 for spirit communication, emphasizing ITC's role in broadening discussions on existence, morality, and the essence of humanity. The piece reflects on how the exploration of the afterlife, whether through belief or technology, enriches the human experience of life and death.

The question of what lies beyond death has intrigued humanity for centuries, dividing opinions and sparking debates across cultures and religions. The Catholic Church, for example, upholds the belief in communion with God after death, especially for saints who have led lives of exemplary faith. On the opposite end of the spectrum, skeptics and atheists challenge the notion of an afterlife, particularly...

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Tue, 02 Apr 2024 20:24:00 +0000

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & Researcher
For Ghost Hunter Apps

During a camping trip at Echo Lake, a group of ten, including a narrator, their husband, and his family, alongside another group of six adults, experience a peaceful evening under the stars. This tranquility is shattered by a child's desperate cries for help, a puzzling sound given the absence of any children among the campers. Together, they investigate and encounter a towering, slender, and unnaturally white figure in a nearby field, which retreats into the forest as they approach. Despite their efforts, the source of the cries remains elusive, haunting the campers through the night with its mysterious pleas. The next morning leaves them with unanswered questions and a deep-seated unease, marking their stay at Echo Lake with a haunting memory of an encounter that blurred the lines between the natural and the supernatural, challenging their understanding of reality.

Under the starlit sky of the Southwest, nestled by the serene waters of a remote lake, our camping adventure unfolded—an experience that would blur the lines between the known and the unknown. My husband, his family, and I, a group of ten, had set up camp, seeking a weekend of wilderness and warmth. Nearby, another group of six shared the same tranquil backdrop for their outdoor escape. No children were among us, just adults ready to...

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Categories: an eerie figure, camping trip, desperate cries, disembodied cries, Echo Lake, encounter, ghost, haunted, Haunting, mysterious, nightmares, paranormal, the night sky, vast expanse

Whispers and Shadows: A Haunted Beginning

Tue, 02 Apr 2024 20:14:00 +0000

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & Researcher
For Ghost Hunter Apps

Shortly after their wedding, a young couple moves into a budget-friendly basement apartment, only to discover it's haunted by a malevolent poltergeist. The entity makes its presence known through physical assaults, unexplained phenomena, and a chilling command to leave. Heeding the ghost's demand, the couple quickly moves out, leaving behind the haunted apartment. The building is later demolished following the owner's death, leaving the plot empty and a lasting reminder of their eerie encounter with the supernatural.

Fresh out of college and wrapped in the glow of newlywed life, my wife and I found ourselves navigating the harsh reality of adulting, which led us straight to the door of a basement apartment. It wasn't much, but it was what we could afford. Little did we know, the price tag came with a hidden cost: a resident poltergeist that seemed determined to claim the space for itself.

From the get-go, the air in that apartment felt heavy, charged with an energy that seemed to watch us, sizing up its new intruders. It wasn't long before strange happenings became part of our daily life. Dishes and glasses didn't just fall—they were hurled from their places with a force that left us both unnerved. My wife, ever the skeptic, found herself the target of unseen aggression,...

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Categories: basement apartment, ghost, haunted, intruders, malevolence, malevolent entity, paranormalm, poltergeist, strange happenings, supernatural, the shadows, unexplained phenomena, unseen assaults

A Ghost Visits Me in My Dreams: I Think I Love Him

Tue, 02 Apr 2024 19:49:00 +0000

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & Researcher
For Ghost Hunter Apps

Alice W. recounts her experiences with a ghostly visitor from the 1930s or 1940s, who enters her dreams starting from when she was seventeen. These dreams, more vivid and complex than typical nightly visions, forge a deep, emotional connection with a young man from the past. Their interactions are filled with moments of joy and love, but are abruptly transformed by a tragic event within the dream, leading Alice to awaken with feelings of profound loss. Now in her thirties and still visited by these dreams, Alice seeks answers through spirit communication and research, driven by a desire to understand the connection that spans across time, and the possibility that love and relationships transcend the boundaries of life and death.

Entangled in a romance that whispers of mystery and echoes from a distant past, my journey began at the tender age of seventeen. It was then that a specter, a gentleman from the era of the 1930s or 1940s, first made his presence known to me under the cloak of night. Each visit was heralded by a peculiar feeling—an awareness of being observed, followed by his ethereal whispers that swept me away to a bygone time of distinct music and fashion.

This series of dreams transcended the ordinary, crafting a narrative of a young man...

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Categories: 1930s, 1940s, Afterlife ITC, crucifix necklace, dreams, ghostly romance, ghostly visitor, incubi, incubus, nightly visions, paranormal, romance, seventeen, spirit communication, The SCD2

We Attracted Evil: Chilling Memories of Shadow Creek

Tue, 02 Apr 2024 14:00:00 +0000

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & Researcher
For Ghost Hunter Apps

Living at Shadow Creek after their parents' divorce, the narrator experiences a series of eerie paranormal occurrences in their mother's flat. From inexplicable cold spots and the sensation of being watched by a malicious presence to witnessing shadowy figures and hearing unexplained growls beneath their bed, the narrator's nights are filled with fear. These disturbances, including an encounter with an entity mimicking their dog's growl, persist until the narrator moves in with their father, marking an end to the supernatural events but leaving lasting memories of the sinister presence at Shadow Creek.

After my parents split during my teenage years, I went to live with my mother at Shadow Creek, a place where the air felt heavy with unspoken stories. It was in this seemingly ordinary flat where I first encountered the inexplicable—a presence that turned my nights into a tableau of paranormal disturbances.

My first brush with the unknown happened one quiet evening, as I was lost in the pages of a book. The room, suddenly and without warning, would become bone-chillingly cold, a precursor to the sensation of being watched by an entity filled with malice. This unseen observer seemed to harbor a deep-seated hatred, its gaze piercing through the darkness. Whenever this feeling overwhelmed me, I found refuge in leaving the room,...

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Categories: being watched, bone-chilling, entity, evil, fear, Haunting, malicious presence, nightmare, observer, paranormal, paranormal activity, shadowy figures, sinister, the darkness, the unknown

The Haunting of Room 19

Tue, 02 Apr 2024 02:09:00 +0000

By Anthony F. Sanchez, Author & Researcher
For Ghost Hunter Apps

In a hospital's secure unit, a forensic nurse encounters a series of unexplained events in Room 19, where an elderly patient claims to be tormented by a demon named Tiberius. Despite being in protective restraints, the woman suffers mysterious injuries and witnesses objects moving on their own, attributing these phenomena to the demon. After her discharge, the room continues to be the site of strange occurrences, including emergency codes and flickering lights, solidifying its reputation among staff as haunted by the unseen presence of Tiberius.

During my years as a forensic nurse at a hospital's secure unit, I encountered many unsettling stories, but none so chilling as the tale of Room 19 and its invisible occupant, Tiberius. The room first gained its notorious reputation through an elderly patient who insisted she was tormented by a demon she named Tiberius. Her claims were easily dismissed as the delusions of a troubled mind—until the inexplicable occurrences began.

Routine care would turn into a scene from a horror movie in mere seconds. We would leave her, seemingly calm and unharmed, only to be summoned back by her terrified screams. What we found each time was a scene straight out of a ghost story: the woman, now sporting injuries like a bloody lip, a black eye, and mysterious marks that seemed impossible for...

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Categories: demon, disbelief, ghost story, Haunting, horror, paranormal, phenomena, protective restraints, strange occurrences, terrified screams, tormented, unexplained events, unseen presence

The Evolution of Paranormal Investigations: From Spirits to Software

Sun, 31 Mar 2024 22:52:00 +0000

The fascination with the paranormal, a realm that dwells beyond the ordinary scope of science and reason, has intrigued humanity for centuries. This enduring quest to understand the unexplainable has given rise to the practice of paranormal investigation. From rudimentary attempts to communicate with the spirit world to the sophisticated ghost hunting expeditions of today, this journey has been marked by both skepticism and belief, profoundly impacting society and spawning a unique subculture.

The Birth of Modern Ghost Hunting

Modern ghost hunting traces its roots back to the 19th century, with the rise of spiritualism and séances. However, it was the advent of technological advancements in the 20th century that truly revolutionized paranormal investigations. Researchers began utilizing a range of equipment, from simple EMF meters to complex audio and video recorders, in an attempt to capture empirical evidence of the supernatural. This technological approach democratized ghost hunting, allowing both enthusiasts and skeptics alike to partake in investigations.

The Impact on Society

The proliferation of ghost hunting, fueled by popular media and reality TV shows, has significantly influenced society's perception of the paranormal. It has not only provided a platform for shared experiences and stories but also spawned a commercial industry of ghost hunting tours, equipment, and literature. Furthermore, it has encouraged a dialogue between science and spirituality, challenging the boundaries of what is deemed possible.

The Role of ITC in...

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